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The Dovetail Story, so far...

Adam and Rejoice Thomson - the Dovetail Story

Rejoice: "Growing up in the Philippines, my family loved to both cook and eat out. My Dad was a great cook and, whenever I cook now, I always think of him, our home and the dishes I enjoyed in my childhood.
One winter night several years ago, I decided to bake my husband (who is coeliac) a gluten free apple pie. When he tasted it, his eyes started to well up because he never thought he would be able to enjoy apple pie again. That moment inspired me to pursue my passion for creating gluten free food and desserts!
Our first cafe Dovetail on Overend opened in Norman Park in 2014! We chose the name Dovetail because it's all about people coming together and connecting, and this is one of our key philosophies.
In 2015 I became a qualified pastry chef, and we now have two successful Brisbane cafes. Our newest café Dovetail Social has allowed me to incorporate all of the things on my wish-list and features a dedicated baking room, wall space to feature local art, a stunning outdoor mural, and our much-loved 100% gluten free High Tea.
Over the years, we’ve gradually added more Filipino influences to our food and dessert menus, including Filipino Degustation, and Filipino-inspired High Tea. I love seeing our customers really enjoy something completely new that I’m able to prepare gluten free.
Our philosophy on GF - if we didn't tell you it's gluten free, you wouldn't know it is. That is the quality we strive for when we create our GF menu items and baked treats. And we never charge extra for Gluten Free, ever!!"

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