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Our 2023 Trip to Illocos Norte

We were honoured to be invited by the Governor of Illocos Norte Matthew Manotoc to participate in the inaugural In Coffee and Food Festival held in this province.

During the same week, in celebration of the Philippine Airlines’ inaugural Laoag-Cebu route, a Mini Himala sa Buhangin at the iconic Paoay Sand Dunes was held and again Rejoice was able to share her desserts with the many people who attended.

About the Festival


Arte Luna Gallery and Paoay Church Complex, Ilocos Norte

December 13 - 14, 2023


The IN Coffee and Food Festival aims to provide a platform for cultural exchange to celebrate and share the local culture, traditions, and culinary heritage of the Ilocanos and collaborate with the international expertise and experiences of Chef Rejoice and Adam Thomson, owners of Dovetail on Overend and Dovetail Social, two of the most successful cafes in Brisbane, Australia.


A two-day activity is organized to bring together the growing community of coffee and food entrepreneurs in the province.  Mr. Adam Thomson will discuss coffee trends and advanced techniques. His discussion is expected to be beneficial for local coffee businesses, as it will offer them valuable knowledge and skills to enhance their operations and improve the quality of their coffee offerings. Mr. Thomson's presentation is intended to help local coffee businesses elevate their performance and stay competitive in the industry. Ms. Rejoice Thomson, on the other hand, will discuss top culinary food trends in 2023 including functional foods, plant-based, sustainability, gluten-free, and dietary needs, helping the local audience understand and adapt to the evolving international culinary landscape.


 A coffee-brewing competition will be held as well which will not only provide an avenue for coffee professionals or enthusiasts to showcase their skills but help in exchanging techniques within the coffee community. Moreover, local micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) will be invited to help them boost their sales and promote their homegrown products and services such as food and beverages, fabrics, and handicrafts pieces, among others.


Ilocano delicacies will also be given highlight during the festival. Representatives from the city and municipal government agencies will be enjoined in the KakanIN Cook-Off, a competition featuring the use of rice delicacies. Participants will be judged by local restaurateurs and/or food enthusiasts and those who will be able to skillfully and authentically prepare the traditional local delicacy while adding their creativity will receive top cash prizes.